There are things you can control in life

and there are things you can’t.


Trying to control a person or the outcome of a situation just doesn’t work.  You can try your best and then let your faith do the rest.

When I was 24 I found out I was pregnant.  My mind was BLOWN!!  In my pre-planned future I wasn’t expecting to have kids until I was 28.  Somewhere along the line I had settled on that age.  When I found out there were different plans for my life, I ended up somewhat depressed for a while.

That’s what happened when I created expectations for myself that were not all in my control.  I could have tried my VERY best NOT to get pregnant and still ended up pregnant (with my husband, thankfully).

Everything’s not all up to you (or I) -all the time!  I can try my best to produce excellent work, to make life flow the way I feel is best, make my clients happy, but there is a limit to what is in my control.

How you ever been through something that ended up completely different than you thought it would?  How did that make you feel?  Did you feel anxious, fearful, or depressed like me?  All that worrying, trying to hold things together, make the best case scenario happen.

Instead of wasting your energy on stressing to do everything the “right way” and have others do things the “right way,” focus on what you CAN control.

  1.  You can prepare for whatever might happen
  2. You can control your response to what does happen

What actually happens is up to God.  You’re not supposed to carry the weight of that.

It’s helpful to remind yourself that YOUR WORTH is not defined by the results that show up in your life, in your employees or children’s lives.  Pray for help, a fresh perspective and peace of mind and heart.  Feel whatever emotion you’re experiencing and then move on…


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