I’ve been catching myself smile, laugh and enjoying cracking jokes more often lately.  Want to do more of that?  Are you someone who is very dedicated, focused and perseverant?  I am.  This is a benefit and sometimes it also keeps me from having as much fun as I like to have.

I’ve learned that I NEED to prioritize time with my kids and husband, time to exercise, time with girlfriends and time with God–to keep having fun in life.  When I don’t I feel bored, a bit sad, dull and like life is missing it’s luster.

When I prioritize laughter, joy, smiles and silliness, my world brightens up and I am instantly happier!  We are meant to live lives filled with the joy of companionship, the joy that nature brings, the joy that a relationship with God brings.  What’s scary is that when you’re busy and successful, sometimes it feels like spiritual things and fun activities aren’t all that necessary.  This is so far from the truth.

Imagine all work and no play.  Imagine working so diligently, achieving great progress, making great changes in your business or clients lives, receiving incredible benefits due to your work but never making time for the other, equally important FUN activities.  If you can’t make time to do what you love with the people you love, what will your life end up looking like?  What will you be living your life for?

Inject some fun into your life so you can have balance, joy, renewed energy and drive!  Sometimes I have to push myself to set aside work so that I can play.  I literally have to force myself to get out the door and exercise or on to the floor and do yoga when I know I haven’t completed all of my work to-do’s yet.

Your sanity is worth it.  Your health is worth it.  Your relationships are worth it.  YOU are worth it.

When I give myself permission to play, at the back of my mind I’ve already planned when I will get back to work again.  This helps me really enjoy the present (by myself, with my family or with friends) when I know when I will be able to tackle my next business task.  Otherwise, I can tend to concentrate on the work that still needs to be done instead of enjoying the present and having fun!

How do YOU like to have fun?  What has helped you to let go and have more fun?


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