How To Stop Doing It All And Start Delegating

By Amy Englemark

You don’t have to work 24/7 to be a success!  Our world has become so fast paced that we feel if we don’t jump on the wagon that somehow we are less valuable, our businesses will get left behind in the dust and people will judge us as lazy slackers.

The truth is, if you really want to scale your business and create an incredibly productive culture in your organization you’ll need to focus your efforts on tasks that require your strengths.  This means you’ll also need to learn to trust others to help you implement the action plan that will lead to ultimate success.  Whether you’re a corporate executive, business owner or parent, delegating will provide immense benefits to your life.

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy as soon as you put my action steps into practice:

  1. Business success and prosperity will increase
  2. Passion and motivation for work improves
  3. Ability to trust others with tasks (which creates flexibility in your schedule)
  4. More free time to prep healthy food (or order healthy food) to eat on the go
  5. Focusing more on jobs you enjoy, that are exciting and require you to use your strengths
  6. Increases productivity in your tea/staff while you’re away from work
  7. You become the master, rather than slave, of your business

 Start Here

Mindset Shift – Your business will not fall apart if you aren’t there!  Once you implement a system – BAM!  You just need to rinse and repeat.  As you learn to trust others with small tasks you’ll see who you can trust with more.

  • Delegate things that don’t require your core strengths to accomplish – tasks that others are more skilled at
  • Delegate tasks that aren’t deal-breakers if they get screwed up
  • Alot leeway time for ‘clean-up’ afterward, if needed. If the job gets finished well, you’ll know you can trust the person with more.
  • Put your wings down and stop hovering! When you micro-manage people sense your lack of trust in them.
  • Delegate what’s not visible-the back end office tasks-like cleaning, food prep, email organization.
  • Hire an assistant
  • Develop a detailed system. Write out detailed instructions for your assistant. This may take time at the beginning.  It may be a bit painful initially but if you want your business to scale, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

In no time you will find yourself taking more time off, your team will feel more valuable and productivity will increase.  Who could ask for more!

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