Why I’m Not Afraid To Laugh About My Insecurities

This is my story about when my seriousness got the best of me.  It bothered me so much that I found it hard to crack a smile when friends made fun of me!  Daggers shot out of my eyes towards those who who would challenge my “perfection” with their ‘funny’ comments!  I’m embarrassed to say that a friend once referred to me as a porcupine.  At the time I had no clue how he could see me that way…hissing and rolling up into a ball when someone touched my sensitive underbelly.  Never do I want to be referred to as a porcupine again!

I thought people were attacking me personally when they were only making jokes.  Their harmless little jokes, the size of peas, sometimes acorns, could bruise my sensitive skin back then!  I assumed I must be lacking or ‘imperfect’ when they made jokes about me.  Somewhere along the line I’d adopted the belief that imperfect meant “less than” others.   In hindsight, getting gently teased (it felt like “polted”) with acorns, was exactly what I needed to loosen up!!

I had to acknowledge that my way wasn’t the only way nor was it the best way of doing things.  I had to ditch pride and throw away masks that hid the real me.  I’m still tempted to defend myself but I do my best to stay open to feedback so that I can keep growing and keep having fun.  In the first few years of my marriage, I realized that if I didn’t to lighten up and remain open to learning, we would continue to butt heads and I wouldn’t have half the fun I wanted to!

The Benefits Of Laughing

My dear husband has shown me how to use humor to make light of heavy situations.  This tool has enabled us to navigate with ease when the sea gets rough.  It’s not all blue skies and calm seas, believe me.  I didn’t learn how to relax and laugh at myself overnight.  Loosening up took practice until it got easier and I even started enjoying it!

To laugh at yourself you need to be willing to bring your weaknesses and insecurities to light.  What we naturally want to do is cover them up so our true selves aren’t exposed and unprotected.  We think if others really “see” us they will judge us, that somehow their view of us is the absolute and unchangeable truth.  Pause here.  Remember, no one can define your self worth unless you let them.

You don’t have to give your power away.  If you let others determine your value and potential, your emotions will always be controlled by others.  Your future potential will be in the hands of another.  One day, you’ll think you’ve got it goin’ on.  Then someone will go and burst your bubble and you’ll get depressed.  Then, you’ll work your butt off to make others love or approve again.  Let me give you a tip.  Laugh at yourself, mistakes and all.  It’s a great way of reminding yourself that you’re pretty cool, even if you do still have a lot to learn!

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Daily Action Step

Share funny, even embarrassing moments with friends.  Seek out fun people who laugh easily.  When you hear laughter, move towards it.  Here are just some of the benefits of laughter.  Laughter relaxes your muscles, boosts your immunity, decreases pain and stress and adds joy and zest to your life!

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