8 Stress Symptoms Business Owners Shouldn’t Ignore

Do you feel like you need a vacation?  Taking a vacation once, even twice a year just isn’t cutting it anymore?  Stress catching up with you?  There are some stress symptoms that business owners just can’t ignore!  Busy schedules, long work hours and high personal expectations take their toll on your physical and mental health and leave you stripped of energy.

Research shows that our immunity is compromised when we power through life without resting.  Unless you learn how to re-energize consistently, it will catch up with you!  Seriously!  This is important.  We need to choose who we are becoming, otherwise one day we’ll morph into cranky old people who have forgotten how to laugh!  (Already there?  I’ll show you how to regain your happiness here).

One of our most serious needs as business owners is to rest.

Yet, stress tells you not to rest in case something falls apart, falls behind or becomes utterly wrecked while you take a break from “doing.”  Stress says, “Err on the side of caution!  Putting your feet up and letting your hair down is dangerous.”  The way we’re created to work isn’t full out, non-stop, no breaks, no fun, no connection with others.  We were not created to live anxious lives letting fear rule the roost.

We need to have fun, be refreshed and inspired if you want to be successful in your business life.  If you take vacations, good.  You still need consistent, daily rest.

We pretend that our lack of rest has little to no side effects on our productivity, health or family dynamics. 

Listen in, none of us want to be so tired we fall asleep in client meetings or can’t pay attention to what our children are saying!  Let’s combat the negative side effects of overworking before they take their toll.  For those of you who are starting to feel worn out, these symptoms will remind you that all of our decisions have a consequence.  You have the power to change how you feel, how much free time you have and how you deal with stress and it’s effects.

Read this list to find out if you’ve got some stress symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore.

  1. You’re having trouble focusing on important conversations
  2. Your chest feels tight and breathing deep long breaths is a thing of the past
  3. You’re eating too much (to make yourself feel better) or forgetting to eat
  4. You feel like you have so many deadlines and projects needing your attention you have no clue where to start
  5. Your kids tell you you’re always working
  6. Your family has stopped having fun together and the only time you see your spouse is before your head hits the pillow
  7. You feel fat and you’ve given up on making any changes to your health until “sometime in the future”
  8. You tell yourself that “if this changed”or “when that happens”I’ll feel more relaxed

When you combine tough relationships, challenging colleagues, busy family lives, balancing work and personal time, it’s easy to understand why a lot of people are stressed.  That’s not to say that just because we face challenges and heartbreak that we need to live all stressed out!  I’ve found that the person who takes control of their perspective on stress is the one who has power over their response.

Before you collapse due to overworking or holding on to a negative outlook, seize the moment and do something to change your situation!  You have the power to change your perspective at any given moment.  Your family, clients and co-workers will thank you for it!

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