Say “Yes” To Exercise By Beating These Top Excuses

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You’ve created a healthy routine (that you’re proud of) and you don’t want to see your progress go to waste.  Maybe you’ve never been interested but you want to feel energetic and focused like your healthy friends.  Below I’ve listed the Top Excuses that keep you from the health you want.  You’ll also find out how to beat them to experience the benefits!!

Excuse #1  “I’m Sick”

Do the neck up check.  I’m no doctor but I follow this advice.  If you are feeling like you have a head cold and the sniffles, work out but do excercises that are low impact.  Monitor how you’re feeling and if you over-heat or feel light-headed, take a break or stop.  If you’re feeling feverish, achy, are vomiting or have diarrhea, taking a break is a good thing (read more about the power of rest here).  1-2 weeks off of your exercise routine won’t make a big dent in your goals.

Excuse #2  “I’m Tired”

The easiest way to beat this excuse is to create healthier sleep habits.  What time will you need to go to bed so you can wake up at the time you want?  Set a reminder in your phone to turn your devices off 30 minutes prior to sleeping.  Put your alarm out of reach in the morning so you have to get out of bed to turn it off.  Ask yourself, “Would I like to keep feeling tired or would I like to feel energized and focused for the rest of the day?”  If you’d rather the latter, stop letting your feelings call the shots and get to it!

Excuse #3  “No one else cares if I work out or not”

Personal accountability is key to maintaining an exercise routine.  You’re right.  No one else will hold you accountable unless you invite them to.  Being accountable to others will help you stick to your plans before you develop more lasting self discipline.  Sign up for a race or group challenge with an end date.

Excuse #4  “I’m too busy”

My personal favourite.  I work with very busy CEO’s, leaders and business owners.  These are the strategies that have worked for them, no matter how jam packed their schedules are.  Plan Ahead!  Get your clothes ready the day before.  Figure out what exercise you’ll be doing before you do it.  Commit to a set amount of time (sometimes same day, same time weekly helps).

Excuse #5  “I can’t make time for exercise around my kids schedules”

Communication is key here.  If you’re in a relationship and have kids, fitting in exercise is challenging, but not impossible!  You need to communicate with your spouse, childcare provider, extended family or gym daycare to find out who can help and when.  Look at your weekly calendar and decide what times work best for you.  Do they work best for your partner?  If you don’t communicate you’re less likely to meet your health goals because no one will know what they are and they won’t be able to support you!!

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