Does Your Love Life Influence Your Productivity?

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Believe it or not, your love life influences your productivity in ways you might not expect.  If I asked you to list 5 ways to boost your productivity, I bet you wouldn’t say, “Make more time for romance!”  but it’s true.

Business Success And Love Making

Being active on a regular basis, releases hormones (like oxytocin) that reduce your stress levels.  If you haven’t noticed, the same hormones can make you a bit tired, or really tired.  Making love not only makes you feel more connected with the one you love but also improves your sleep.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who have low stress levels and are well rested will engage more effectively at work and therefore improve their productivity.  These benefits of a healthy sex life can only be experienced if healthy boundaries between work and home life are upheld and time is made to connect.

If you let work engulf you to the extent that you stop making time for sex and other fun activities with your husband or wife, you risk losing your ability to truly engage at work.  You risk missing out on feeling fully energized and more mentally stable at work (more benefits).

The Best Ways To Disconnect From Work And Rev-Up Your Love Life

*Turn off your devices for certain periods of time during the evening or after a certain hour

*Engage in more communication and focus on telling your spouse everything you appreciate about her/him

*Re-discover what having fun together NOW looks like

*Ditch any guilt associated with getting childcare so you can make time for a healthy sex life

*Make time for self care (remember how you took care of yourself before you met?)

Whether you’re involved romantically or not, you can still experience reduced stress, increased productivity and higher levels of happiness at work.  Make it a top priority to touch (not in a weird way) those around you.  High fives, hugs, back pats and even hand shakes all produce the same great benefits!

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