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There are three secrets I want to share today to motivate you to take action.  When you’re motivated and taking consistent action you’ll be more productive, profitable and confident.  It all starts with you!

Key #1  Treat Yourself Like Family

What encouragement would a loving family member give you right now?  Speak those words to yourself.  Think those thoughts to get out of your funk and into action.  Listen to your own advice!

When you treat yourself kindly and take care of your own needs, this often boosts motivation and productivity.

Key #2  Take Breaks And Celebrate Progress

Running a business, raising kids or leading a company is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  You have to stop for water and a snack!  So often we think we’ll feel good about ourselves ONLY WHEN we cross the finish line.  The truth is you need to acknowledge your effort and progress before you cross the finish line.  This regular acknowledgement boosts confidence which boosts sales, decreases stress and improves health.

When you take a step away from your work or project (or kids) you’ll become refreshed and equipped with the right mindset and tools so you don’t burn out.  Burnout leads to feeling unfocused which results in decreased productivity.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed and you want to feel refreshed, check this out!  Happy people accomplish more!

Key #3  Ask For Feedback

When you ask others for feedback you’ll receive creative ideas to implement right away to get you out of your head and into action.  Others have struggled to motivate themselves as well.  You’re not the only one!  Hearing someone else’s story has the power to help you get out of your own rut.

Listen.  Ask questions to gain more understanding.  Implement what you like.  Try it!  Want to help your teams boost THEIR motivation?  Check out my video Here

What has helped you get out of a rut and motivated to make changes?  We’d love to hear your story!

Amy Englemark teaches strategies to Boost Health, Wealth and Free Time to Entrepreneurs, Community and Business Leaders.  Get Amy’s 3 Step System to Boost your Time and Productivity at: www.amyenglemark.com .

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