It’s a challenge to stop thinking about work if you aren’t in the habit of “unplugging.”  Like anything, the more you practice, the better you get.  Let me tell you a secret.  If you want to stop obsessively thinking about work, you need to use boundaries and I’m going to show you how.

As entrepreneurs and leaders we can let harmful beliefs limit us.  It’s easy to believe that if you take a break, important “to-do’s” will slip through the cracks and your sales will drop.

Not an entrepreneur or executive?  That doesn’t mean you don’t struggle in this area!  You may feel guilty when you’re not “doing” and feel less valuable when you’re not productive.  I get it.  When this belief takes over we stop prioritizing rest.

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Letting Go Of Control

Think back to a time when your mind was at rest and you were present with family or friends.  No thoughts of work were distracting you – bliss.  This sensation can only be achieved if you have a plan to be present and are willing to trust that leaving some work undone is ok.

You can’t be in control of everything and if you try, you may very well drive yourself (and your family) crazy.  Remind yourself that Someone Greater IS in control and has your best interests at heart.

The Practical Plan

First – Just before returning home from work (or before family returns home to you), give yourself more time than you think you need to wrap up any projects with deadlines.  Leaving too many jobs undone can make you feel stressed.  This stress can lead to impatience and hurt feelings when your work is interrupted.

Second – Create a designated time in the evening to check emails and phone calls.  Avoid your devices and turn off notifications at all other times.  Be rigid with this.  If you’re on vacation, set aside an hour per day (if needed) to stay in contact with staff, team members or clients.

Third – Clearly communicate with colleagues, clients AND FAMILY when deadlines are looming.  Prioritize urgent or high value correspondence to make sure stress is low and your ability to focus and be present with your family is high.

What helps you stop thinking about work and be more present?  We would love to hear!

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