There was a time when you spent hours enjoying time with your spouse/partner.  Now it’s different.  The busyness of life may be threatening to kill your relationship.  The spark has fizzled and your time is spent more on business, volunteer activities and children.  Before it gets too out of hand, ask yourself…

What will life look like 5 years down the road if I don’t do anything about my relationship?  If you care about that special person in your life, you’ll want to stoke the fire again!

Being overly busy poses a problem for couples.  Your attention can get stuck on “keeping things together” and staying sane, rather than keeping your relationship happy, flourishing and fun.  We can start believing that our relationship will take care of itself, that our lack of attention will have no lasting consequences.  How far from the truth!  After being married for 16 years, let me share with you what helps us even while we run our businesses, raise our boys and juggle family responsibilities.  By no means am I saying that we have it all together, just that these habits really help!

Physical Touch

A kiss, hug or massage can go a long way!  Touch releases oxytocin which eases stress between the two of you.  This hormone also helps you regulate impulse control – we all could use more of that!


Ask your spouse how their day was.  Express an interest in them and their activities.  Just think of how you feel when people ask about YOU.  It makes us feel cared for and valued!

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead and choose to organize your schedule so that time with your spouse is a top priority.  Hire a babysitter (if need be) and create a plan NOW for 1 to 1 time.

Re-igniting the fire in your relationship takes effort and organization when you’re busy, but when you experience the results you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t start sooner!

How do you stay connected with your spouse when life is crazy busy?  Please share below!!

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