In one way or another, we all want some sense of control over our lives.  The shocking truth about controlling people is that it strips you of the very things you’re trying to achieve.  People who err on the extreme side of control have difficulty depending on others.

The strange thing is that when you attempt to stay in control at all times, it backfires.  For example, if you try to handle everything yourself, you lose control of your energy levels, your ability to trust others is hampered and you miss out on deeper connections with loved ones or staff.  You lose control over your free time and ability to stay in fantastic health.  To gain control, you must release control!

Being controlling is costing you!






There are several reasons that people feel the need to be controlling.  For the most part, control is rooted in fear.  “What if other people don’t do the job to my standard, the way I want it done?”  Sound familiar?  “What if they never do the job at all and I end up nagging them?”

What motivates people to control?

Fear of abandonment

The desire to feel safe

The desire to feel superior

To prove self worth

How To Get Rid Of Your Control Obsession (or help someone else)

  1. Adopt the mindset that things happen for a reason and that everything works out the way it’s meant to, for your best good.
  2. Carefully evaluate what only you can do.  What tasks could someone else do part of to lessen your load?  Could someone else do the job instead of you?  What could you defer to someone else who is equally as competent, even if you know how to do the task?

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