Overwhelm has hit me right in the gut, especially before I’m about to make big decisions.  Sometimes it hits me when I have too much on my plate and feel like there’s no time for things of value.  If you’ve ever experienced overwhelm, it can sound like this, “You won’t be able to handle this.  You don’t have the experience or training to take this on.  This is too big a dream, project or task so don’t even start.”

Overwhelm is like a giant who crushes dreams.

It’s time to STOP giving him control over your destiny, your family, work life and happiness.

If you listen to the lies of Overwhelm, he will start to make you feel smaller than your problem.  He will make you feel like you are uncapable of figuring out a solution.  When your self confidence takes a hit (and you’re tired from fighting the battle), you procrastinate.  Well, I have!

The truth about you is that are FULLY capable of handling anything that happens to you in the future.  Whether it’s to do with relationships at the office or at home, with your job, anything.  You are capable and will find a way.

Get Back To The Basics

Forget this, “everything is urgent” business.  Take a pen and write down your top three priorities.  Write down what you can do TODAY to move one step closer to sanity and away from stress.  Michael Cooper shares more on how to avoid overcommitment in his article here.

Tell Your Thoughts Where To Go

Your thoughts have no right to take up precious mental realestate unless you hand it over.  Reserve the space in your brain for empowered thinking.  Remind yourself that you are not alone.  You are capable of anything.  All things are possible for you.  With this belief in mind, what would you be spending your time doing right now?

In no time you will be out of your procrastination rut, taking action and noticing progress.  Remind yourself of how you feel when you give your power away.  Then, take your power back and reprogram your thinking.  All the power to you!

Amy Englemark teaches strategies to Boost Wealth, Health and Happiness to Executives, Business Leaders and Owners.  Get Amy’s 3 Step System to Boost your Free Time and Productivity at: www.amyenglemark.com .

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