Happy At Work?  How To Improve Life Balance

Yesterday I got off a call with a potential client who had too many things happening in her life at once.  She wasn’t enjoying her life or producing quality work any more.  After speaking with her I realized that there were a few factors impacting her ability to feel happy and have the balance she was craving.

She knew that having daily goals would make her feel accomplished but she didn’t know what a ‘realistic’ goal looked like and she felt weak at following through without accountability.  If you are struggling in this same area, here is my suggestion.

Outline The Ideal

Ask yourself what would make you feel accomplished at the end of the day.  What would make you feel happy at the end of the day?  Be realistic.  Challenge yourself AND stay focused on your top priorities.  You are not a robot.  You are a human and you have limits just like every other human!

The key is to avoid wondering what would make others feel happy or acccomplished.  Think only of yourself.  The beautiful thing is that this isn’t a selfish act.  Often what makes us feel ultimately happy and balanced inside contributes to others happiness.

If you make decisions in an attempt to keep others happy, you’ll be unhappy.  You can only please others to a certain extent, then you verge on acting like a marionette to gain others approval.

Remember, set realistic goals, not ones that leave you feeling unaccomplished because they’re unattainable.

Introduce Joyful Activities

She had stopped pursuing activities that added joy to her life.  This made her feel seriously sad when she was honest with herself.  What have you put on the back burner until “time permits?”  If you do this for too long you can lose your identity and that does not feel good.  You were meant to have a balance of play and work.  Consider what you’ve stopped doing because you’re “so busy.”

Are you using the excuse that you don’t have time or energy to do fun activities anymore?

When you stop making excuses and start making time, your quality of work will increase and those you spend time with will benefit as well!

Manage Your Time Like A Pro

When life seems too busy to handle, that’s when you need to take a step back.  Consider the priorities you have – friends, marriage, health.  Whatever your priorities are, you need to manage your time in alignment with those TOP values.  If you don’t, you won’t feel happy inside.  When you feel happy inside, you’ll be happy in all the other areas of your life.

Pros are strategic about their priorities and make sure that time is set aside to focus on them by alotting time in their calendars.  This is very practical but will act like salve to any open wounds caused by lack of proper time management.

Feeling unbalanced happens when you prioritize other people priorities above your own.

My wish is that your happiness and sense of balance would massively improve as you put to work the strategies above.  Don’t wait til next week.  Start now.

Amy Englemark teaches strategies to Boost Wealth, Health and Happiness to Executives, Business Leaders and Owners.  Get Amy’s 3 Step System to Boost your Free Time and Productivity at: www.amyenglemark.com .

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