The Easy Way To Feel At Ease

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One of my group coaching clients was having a difficult time feeling at ease under pressure.  As a successful business owner, she had no easy way to feel at ease when people and circumstances couldn’t be controlled.  She told herself she could only feel calm when things were going the way she wanted them to go, when things were under her control.

Have you ever felt the need to control people or situations to meet your expectations?  When they’re out of your control, do you feel super frustrated, like you’re going to lose your cool?!  If I’ve just pin pointed your personality, this article will help you.  If you are someone who feels anxious and worried a lot and must always be doing in order to feel good about yourself, this article will also help you.

Most people have many ways to feel bad and very few ways to feel good.  You might tell yourself, “I can feel at ease, feel confident, feel healthy or successful when this happens or when that person acknowledges me.”  If this is true for you, you’re giving your power away.

If how you feel depends on what others do or on external circumstances,

you’re hooped!

This type of living reminds me of a marionette, someone who lets themselves be controlled by others or external circumstances instead of taking control of your own emotions.  Let me show you an easier way to feel at ease.

Once Susan told herself that when her staff followed through on exactly how she wanted them to operate, she could feel at ease.  When her husband and kids were happy, she could feel at ease.  When the house was spick and span, she could feel at ease.  Get the drift?

Now Susan tells herself whenever I relax my jaw I feel at ease.  Whenever I take a deep breath, I feel at ease.  Notice how she is now in control of her emotions?

Tools For You: 

If you believe you have to earn a certain income to feel at ease, you won’t feel at ease UNTIL you hit that mark.  That could take a while!  What about your peace of mind before you achieve your goal?  Try this new empowering rule:

“Every time I take action on my financial goals I feel at ease”

If you believe, everyone I try to become friends with or every potential client I meet needs to accept me (and they must become a client/customer) for me to feel at ease.  Don’t you think you would refrain from pursuing potential friends or clients due to the fact you might have to face rejection?!  Try this new empowering rule:

“I feel at ease every time I step out of my comfort zone”

To feel at ease more often, you need to rewire your brain with these strategies.  You need to teach your brain how easy it is to feel the way you want to.

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