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The private coaching I did with Amy blew me away! The way she listens, the questions she asks and the perspective she offers created HUGE insights in many areas of my life.  She somehow always figured out the underlying cause(s) of why I was stuggling.  She showed me how to create the change I wanted.  Things I’ve struggled with for decades she figured out in minutes! Talk about “aha” moments!! At least one on each call – private or group!

If you’re looking to improve your life in any way I’m 100% confident that Amy can help you too.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!! Thank you so much for all your help Amy!!

Julie Senger, Home Designer

Amy Helped Me Make Changes I Couldn’t On My Own!

“As a physician with on-call duties, a husband that works shift work and often away from home for work, 3 kids and 2 dogs my life was feeling REALLY FULL!!  I had always been able to cope with and even thrive with a BUSY SCHEDULE but last year it started to get the best of me.

I began feeling overwhelmed and unable to enjoy my day to day life with my family.  I knew I needed to do something but COULDN’T EVEN FIND THE TIME to read or think about my situation, let alone effect the changes needed to improve things.

I have a supportive husband, loving family and friends but I realized I needed an impartial, objective person to help me feel confident, positive and empowered. Amy Englemark became that person.  She quickly helped me identify ways to improve my time management, identifying specific details to change, gave me perspective on my situation, helped me to identify my priorities and taught me skills to communicate better.

The commitment of working with her enabled me to make changes that I had been unable to do on my own.  She selected a book for me to read that was very helpful in understanding why I felt like I was struggling at this time in my life.  Working with Amy has helped me have compassion for myself and for others instead of judgement.  Amy has a calm and engaging manner and is easy to connect with.  I would highly recommend her as a Life Coach!”

Daria Davyduke, Family Doctor


I Don’t Have To Live In Fear Anymore!

“Amy helped me identify and acknowledge my insecurities and fears.  Now I know I don’t have to live in fear. I don’t have to be afraid to show the world who I am.”

– Rocio Olvera


Now I Have The Tools To Balance Work, Home And Self Care

“As a physician and mother, itʼs always been a challenge to balance work, home and self-care, but now I have more tools and ideas to make this easier.  Amy helped me set clear goals to improve my quality of life and it was amazing to see the improvement over the course of the eight sessions.  Though it took real effort,

  • Iʼve changed my thinking patterns from generally negative to generally positive. This has brought me much happiness and has also brought more peace to our household and marriage.
  • I am better at recognizing when I am feeling stressed and need a break and allow myself to have this time.
  • I get more sleep and have enough energy to wake up early to exercise.
  • I am more gentle with myself.

The most powerful thing about Amy as a coach is the fact that she actually lives what she talks about, and the force of that positive example is tremendous.”

Physician, Vancouver Island


In 6 Weeks I Was Able To Identify What To Focus On And What To Let Go Of!

“My main objective in hiring Amy was to learn how to prioritize my personal life and find a better work-life balance.  In six weeks, I was able to clearly identify what to focus on and what to let go of.  Amy’s life coaching shifted my perspective from what couldn’t be done (due to seemingly endless demands) to a symphony of what is possible to do.

My time management has radically improved and I am getting a better handle on my finances.     Most importantly, my personal dreams and spiritual goals are flourishing.     My ability to relate well to my coworkers and handle my own stress has also benefited immensely.     A particular “key” that I’ve learned through life coaching is to face obstacles with the mindset of excellence, rather than avoidance or insecurity. My work atmosphere radically changed after Amy helped me find this key.  I am extremely thankful for how Amy has helped me become the visionary leader I am meant to be.”

– Kisa Macdonald, Lawyer, Vancouver BC


My Focus, Confidence And Energy Have Increased

“Amy’s gentle prodding allowed me to face circumstances with the mindset of a creative solution strategist. She helped me discover my unique and incredible worth as a person.  One key principle Amy encouraged me to implement was to guard my rest (unplugging from the world and its demands). As I took care of myself better my focus and energy increased as well as my resiliency to deal with my life as a whole.  I saw how this internal peace improved my decision making, conflict resolution and even building up my business.    Amy gave me the added boost and courage to really pursue Fullness of Life!” –Jenn Co

“My life is fuller than it was before I met Amy.  I have more confidence and zest for life!  I want to do more for me and by doing so, for others.”

– Holly Brading


The Tools Amy Gave Me Have Helped Me Decrease My Stress Dramatically!

“During my coaching sessions with Amy I was given many techniques to deal with personal stress provoking situations.  I regularly use these techniques now. The issues have not completely disappeared but have decreased dramatically because I now have positive ways to deal with these conflicts. Without Amy’s support and coaching during this time things could have ended up very differently.  Thank you so much!” Monique Robertson

I was in a very dark place when I met Amy.  She showed me techniques to get out of that dark place so I could become happy, confident and sure of myself!  I’m now accepting people into my life who are positive and healthy instead of settling for less.

Now I’m showing up as a leader at work and in my personal relationships.  I take up a lot more space than I did before!  I’m standing up for myself and being assertive.  That’s a huge change in a big way!”

-Dental Hygenist, Vancouver Island, BC


From Panic and Overwhelm To Full of Hope!

Amy’s 6-week Inner Strength Group Coaching was a God-send. Before the 6-weeks, I was in absolute panic, restless, sleepless, and beyond overwhelmed. But since committing to the group, I experienced grace and hope come back into my heart. The weekly check-ins and online Facebook group support really allayed fears to the point of breathable, manageable relief. But the weekly sessions also helped me recognize (yet again) I am not a helpless victim!

The gentle prodding and encouragement of Amy and the ladies provided me with fuel to keep making the small (but oh so important changes) I needed. Now if only the 6- week were 6-months! There’s much to be said about consistency, commitment and accountability. If you’re having second thoughts about doing a group coaching package, I would recommend you try it out!  Really throw yourself into the process, because as they say, you only take out what you put in!”

–Jenn Co


Amy Is An Amazing Leader.  She Will Help You Make The Change You Want To Make!

“I have for a long time felt I needed a little help with some new techniques for handling the stresses of work, kids and life. So when I saw Amy’s advertising a coaching session on just that topic i jumped on it. I had six coaching sessions with Amy and looked forward to each call every week. Amy with her ever so calm and steady voice dished out the topic of the day in a way that you could apply directly and easily to your life.
The biggest thing I took out of the course was learning how to step back and reevaluate how and why I act/respond to situations. As a result I am feeling much calmer in situations that usually got my stress levels up because I actually know how to prepare for these situation and how to step back when those moment catch me by surprise.
One of the most wonderful and unexpected results of my time with Amy was a new respect for my children and husband and their place in the functioning of our home. Amy is an amazing leader and listener. She has a special skill of flipping things around, asking you just the right questions and before you know it you have solved your problem yourself. I highly recommend Amy and definitely would choose coaching the next time I want to make some personal changes.” 
-Livia Supplie, Owner of Cherry Wine Fashions

Amy Has Armed Me With Tools To Help Me Overcome!

 “I recently completed a 6-week coaching program & I cannot put into words the tremendous benefit I have received (& my family, by association). The schedule was simple to fit into my workday, format was clear & concise.  I still face personal challenges, as habits are hard to break, however I have learned the power of reflection before action and have been armed with tools that help me overcome.  I have to admit that once the final session came to an end, I found myself emotional because I wasn’t ready. I’m still not. I have a long road ahead of me, but the tools I have learned will keep me company along the way.”
-Tammy Sawatsky


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