The Easy Way To Feel At Ease

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The Easy Way To Feel At Ease 2 minute read One of my group coaching clients was having a difficult time feeling at ease under pressure.  As a successful business owner, she had no easy way to feel at ease when people and circumstances couldn’t be controlled.  She told herself she could only feel calm when things were going the way she wanted them to go, when things were under her control. Have you ever felt the need to control people or...

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Burnout Is Brutal: How To Feel Energetic Again

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Burnout Is Brutal:  How To Feel Energetic Again 2 minute read A friend and client of mine hit burnout a few months ago.  She took on too much work because she felt overly responsible for everyone else’s problems.  She is extremely empathetic in a beautiful way but this time it caused her to hit a wall, become lethargic and lose her social life! Have you ever experienced burnout?  Here is the definition.  Burnout:  Feeling drained...

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The Simple Game Plan To Accomplish More

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”  Walt Disney 2 Minute Read Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of thoughts in your mind?  I have.  Those thoughts can easily creep in and take over.  They have the capacity to strip you of your ability to focus, be present and get stuff done!  Let me show you how to move from feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done to feeling in control...

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Increase Your Energy To Keep Up With Anyone

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I first met Steve when I was out on a walk.  My husband and I became close friends with him and his wife as we lived close to one another and had kids of a similar age. I became concerned over the years as I watched him pour so much of his energy into work.  His boundary lines seemed to be getting blurry.  I would drop by and notice his eyes were often tired, threatening to close if he wasn’t careful.  His routine consisted of leaving...

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10 Books That Will Help You Face Your Fear And Accomplish Your Goals

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10 Books That Will Help You Face Your Fear And Accomplish Your Goals I love reading but I stopped when our boys were young.  It took a close friend to reignite my belief that I “had the time” to start reading again.  Ever since then I have been devouring one delicious book at a time…actually I usually have 2-3 books on the go at a time! These 10 books have all helped me face some fear or another and each has helped me move 1...

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