Why I’m Not Afraid To Laugh About My Insecurities

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 Why I’m Not Afraid To Laugh About My Insecurities This is my story about when my seriousness got the best of me.  It bothered me so much that I found it hard to crack a smile when friends made fun of me!  Daggers shot out of my eyes towards those who who would challenge my “perfection” with their ‘funny’ comments!  I’m embarrassed to say that a friend once referred to me as a porcupine.  At the time I had no clue how he...

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Attention Scatterbrains! Strategies To Regain Your Focus

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Attention Scatterbrains!  Strategies To Regain Your Focus When I was in my mid twenties I was busy raising two beautiful boys.  They were my priority.  Aside from my relationship with God and my husband Beach, those boys were my bulls-eye during that season.  They are still my bulls-eye but I have a few other priorities I aim for now. We only have so many arrows to shoot in a day, week or year.  These arrows represent the energy we...

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Why Are You Rushing?

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I remember the first time I struggled to be still and relax.  I never thought I would consider “being still” a challenge.  Maybe the rat race has caught up with me.  Maybe our society’s values and culture have impacted me more than I think. Goodness always comes from challenges.  I’m now aware that rushing all the time, continually filling my time with activity doesn’t make me more successful.  There’s...

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3 Ways To Find Joy In EVERY Day

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Imagine a life without joy.  Just the thought of it makes me sad!  Joy is what makes life juicy, delightful, beautiful.  Joy is what lifts us out of the darkness of pain and heartbreak.  Joy comes in small burts of delight or in large deluges!! Joy can break us out of destructive thought patterns and inspire us to aim higher, to focus on the present on future possibilities.  Here are 3 simple ways to help you find joy in every day: Play...

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Inject Some Fun Into Life

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I’ve been catching myself smile, laugh and enjoying cracking jokes more often lately.  Want to do more of that?  Are you someone who is very dedicated, focused and perseverant?  I am.  This is a benefit and sometimes it also keeps me from having as much fun as I like to have. I’ve learned that I NEED to prioritize time with my kids and husband, time to exercise, time with girlfriends and time with God–to keep having fun in...

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Facing The Fears That Hold You Back From Success

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Facing the Fears That Hold You Back From Success Success is always in reach.  You can taste it every time you act on your dreams and goals.  Whether your goal is related to family, business or personal life, you can taste success when you take action towards your goal. The problem is that when you take action on your goals and fear rears it’s ugly head, success seems out of reach. When you sense fear, you have an opportunity to...

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