Burnout Is Brutal: How To Feel Energetic Again

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Burnout Is Brutal:  How To Feel Energetic Again 2 minute read A friend and client of mine hit burnout a few months ago.  She took on too much work because she felt overly responsible for everyone else’s problems.  She is extremely empathetic in a beautiful way but this time it caused her to hit a wall, become lethargic and lose her social life! Have you ever experienced burnout?  Here is the definition.  Burnout:  Feeling drained...

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Increase Your Energy To Keep Up With Anyone

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I first met Steve when I was out on a walk.  My husband and I became close friends with him and his wife as we lived close to one another and had kids of a similar age. I became concerned over the years as I watched him pour so much of his energy into work.  His boundary lines seemed to be getting blurry.  I would drop by and notice his eyes were often tired, threatening to close if he wasn’t careful.  His routine consisted of leaving...

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Say “Yes” To Exercise By Beating These Top Excuses

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Say “Yes” To Exercise By Beating These Top Excuses 3 minute read You’ve created a healthy routine (that you’re proud of) and you don’t want to see your progress go to waste.  Maybe you’ve never been interested but you want to feel energetic and focused like your healthy friends.  Below I’ve listed the Top Excuses that keep you from the health you want.  You’ll also find out how to beat them to...

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Recover From Pain: Learn From Mistakes

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Recover From Pain:  Learn From Mistakes You made a mistake.  Does that mean you need to walk around calling yourself names and reminding yourself over and over how you screwed up?  “I’m a failure.  I never learn.  I’m a screw-up.  I’m so insensitive.  I’m a jerk.  I’m unloveable.  No one really wants to be with me.”  Instead, let’s recover from past hurts and stop beating ourselves up! Imagine walking by your neighbors...

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You Can Learn To Trust Again

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You Can Learn To Trust Again  Usually we know what we need in the moment if we trust ourselves.  The trouble is that paying attention to our intuition, needs or gut feeling can be scary and seem risky.  It can also be frustrating if you’re not used to taking the time to listen to your needs.  You can learn to trust again (if you’ll take the time) and the benefits are huge! Trusting yourself isn’t always easy and probably...

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3 Secrets That Helped These Entrepreneurs Unwind

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3 Secrets That Helped These Entrepreneurs Unwind Ever feel like you’re wound up so tight you might pop?!  As a professional, you are responsible for running your business, your home and your life.  The pressure that ensues can be challenging to handle.  Most of us don’t act pretty under pressure!  We want others to think that behind the front doors of our house, everything’s peaceful and under control.  In reality, too...

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