3 Secrets That Helped These Entrepreneurs Unwind

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3 Secrets That Helped These Entrepreneurs Unwind Ever feel like you’re wound up so tight you might pop?!  As a professional, you are responsible for running your business, your home and your life.  The pressure that ensues can be challenging to handle.  Most of us don’t act pretty under pressure!  We want others to think that behind the front doors of our house, everything’s peaceful and under control.  In reality, too...

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How To Take Back Control Of Your Health

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How To Take Back Control Of Your Health Tight pants, mental fog, lack of energy and libido…these are just a few consequences of lack of exercise.  Exercise is known to decrease stress and increase confidence so why don’t we do more of it?  When you think about making room for anything else in your schedule you may feel a tendency to freak out!  Most likely, that’s because you’re over-busy and possibly haven’t taken the time to sit...

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Why Me-Time Is A Higher Priority Than My Business

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If you’re not in the habit of taking time for yourself, prioritizing YOU may seem selfish, illogical and may even induce guilt!  The more you prioritize yourself, the easier it will get.  It will feel so good you won’t want to quit!  Just like a doctor or physio appointment, a client meeting or any other priority that matters to you, you need to put it in your calendar to make it happen When I don’t make my needs a priority, my...

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Attention Scatterbrains! Strategies To Regain Your Focus

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Attention Scatterbrains!  Strategies To Regain Your Focus When I was in my mid twenties I was busy raising two beautiful boys.  They were my priority.  Aside from my relationship with God and my husband Beach, those boys were my bulls-eye during that season.  They are still my bulls-eye but I have a few other priorities I aim for now. We only have so many arrows to shoot in a day, week or year.  These arrows represent the energy we...

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Are You A Workaholic? How To Regain Your Balance.

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Are You A Workaholic?  How To Regain Your Balance. Do you feel like work is non-stop? Do you want to take time off but don’t know how to get off the hamster wheel? I’ve experienced the addictive drive to work when I’m with my family, even when we are on vacation! The boundary lines between work and play can become dangerously blurry when you run your own business or are in a leadership position at work. “What’s so bad...

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How To Develop Healthy Habits That Stick

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How To Develop Healthy Habits That Stick It can be frustrating to maintain healthy habits once you start.  It takes work!  It’s easy to maintain habits in the short term but what motivates people to stay committed for the long term?  How do some people stay motivated and consistent with their actions while others start and stop like nobody’s business?  This article will show you how to maintain the habits you’ve developed,...

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