Why Me-Time Is A Higher Priority Than My Business

Posted by on Feb 6, 2017 in Health, Life Balance, Overcome Guilt, Self Care, Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you’re not in the habit of taking time for yourself, prioritizing YOU may seem selfish, illogical and may even induce guilt!  The more you prioritize yourself, the easier it will get.  It will feel so good you won’t want to quit!  Just like a doctor or physio appointment, a client meeting or any other priority that matters to you, you need to put it in your calendar to make it happen When I don’t make my needs a priority, my...

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Feel Parent Guilt

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When our kids were very young I started feeling parent guilt.  When my husband worked away from home I was the main parent who had to set boundaries and train these little ones in the ways they should go.  Not easy work!  What I’ve learned about parenting, being a wife and a business woman is that balance is necessary for sanity! Say good-bye to the blame game and give yourself lee-way to do these things… Set Boundaries I used to...

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How To Find Freedom From Insecurity

Posted by on Dec 24, 2015 in Building Confidence and Self Esteem, Learn To Rest, Life Balance, Overcome Guilt | 0 comments

How To Find Freedom From Insecurity She sits across from me.  So beautiful in her vulnerability. She has been busy, working hard, helping for so long.  Her helping patients in her private practice, patients at home, patients in the hospital, sometimes makes her feel tired. When she is too tired to think and the cobwebs start creeping in, she becomes more concerned with how others might be viewing her, were she might be lacking.  Deliveries...

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5 Ways To Get Your Unwanted Emotions Under Control

Posted by on Nov 26, 2015 in Building Confidence and Self Esteem, Overcome Guilt, Stress, Time Management, Uncategorized | 0 comments

5 Ways To Get Your Unwanted Emotions Under Control Dealing with certain emotions in a negative way can have big consequences. Letting yourself be overcome with joy or peace is different than letting yourself be overcome with anger or impatience. It’s often easier to let your emotions rule your actions unless you retrain how you respond to stress.  You will experience more peace and less regrets if you learn to respond to situations and...

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Improving Communication For Couples

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Communication, Overcome Fear, Overcome Guilt, Self Care, Self Image, Stress, Thought Life | 2 comments

Improving Communication For Couples You think that stealing, cheating or lying are the only things that will get you in trouble?  Assuming you know what others are thinking or feeling can create more trouble!  If you want to improve communication in your relationships, avoid trying to read other people’s minds! If you have no evidence of the truth, then it’s best to ask someone for feedback before coming to a conclusion for...

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Controlling Anger-Before It Controls You

Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Communication, Health, High Expectations, Overcome Guilt, Stress, Thought Life | 0 comments

Controlling Anger-Before It Controls You You don’t need to internalize or stuff your anger down to manage your anger.  Anger can actually be a healthy emotion if you deal with your feelings well. So, you want tools to better manage your anger?  You’re not the only one who looses your temper from time to time.  More likely, you lose your temper at certain specific times.  These are your triggers. First thing:  Become aware of...

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