Burnout Is Brutal: How To Feel Energetic Again

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Burnout Is Brutal:  How To Feel Energetic Again 2 minute read A friend and client of mine hit burnout a few months ago.  She took on too much work because she felt overly responsible for everyone else’s problems.  She is extremely empathetic in a beautiful way but this time it caused her to hit a wall, become lethargic and lose her social life! Have you ever experienced burnout?  Here is the definition.  Burnout:  Feeling drained...

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The Key To Calm

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2 minute read Are you feeling stressed?  Do you truly, madly, deeply want to feel more calm in your family life or business, but IT’S NOT HAPPENING!?  Anyone can achieve their goals.  You just need to believe.  Sound cliche?  It’s true. I could tell you story after story about how my clients have tranformed from the inside out.  Today I want to touch on something that is crucial for you to implement for you to make a change and...

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To Do More, First Slow Down

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To Do More, First Slow Down As a Leader, Parent, Business Person, if you are continually moving at ‘break-neck’ speed you will most likely end up holding yourself back rather than accomplishing more.  There are a few things that you may be doing that could limit your productivity and ability to do more with your time. Do You Multitask Everything? If you are trying to do everything at once…Be emailing and catching up on work...

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How To Stop Doing It All And Start Delegating

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How To Stop Doing It All And Start Delegating By Amy Englemark You don’t have to work 24/7 to be a success!  Our world has become so fast paced that we feel if we don’t jump on the wagon that somehow we are less valuable, our businesses will get left behind in the dust and people will judge us as lazy slackers. The truth is, if you really want to scale your business and create an incredibly productive culture in your organization...

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Find Lasting Calm (So you don’t crack under pressure)

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We all search for that feeling of ‘calm’ when we’re under pressure, though a calm state of mind, body and spirit feels difficult to sustain.  When stress builds up between you and family members, colleagues or team members, when work piles up and you need more hours in the day, finding that lasting feeling of calm is essential. When you’re calm you think clearly and can relax.  You’re able to make decisions with...

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Things You Can Control In Life

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There are things you can control in life and there are things you can’t.   Trying to control a person or the outcome of a situation just doesn’t work.  You can try your best and then let your faith do the rest. When I was 24 I found out I was pregnant.  My mind was BLOWN!!  In my pre-planned future I wasn’t expecting to have kids until I was 28.  Somewhere along the line I had settled on that age.  When I found out...

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