Happy At Work? How To Improve Life Balance

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Happy At Work?  How To Improve Life Balance Yesterday I got off a call with a potential client who had too many things happening in her life at once.  She wasn’t enjoying her life or producing quality work any more.  After speaking with her I realized that there were a few factors impacting her ability to feel happy and have the balance she was craving. She knew that having daily goals would make her feel accomplished but she...

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Simple Yet Surprising Ways To Take Action When You’re Overwhelmed

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Overwhelm has hit me right in the gut, especially before I’m about to make big decisions.  Sometimes it hits me when I have too much on my plate and feel like there’s no time for things of value.  If you’ve ever experienced overwhelm, it can sound like this, “You won’t be able to handle this.  You don’t have the experience or training to take this on.  This is too big a dream, project or task so...

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The Key To Calm

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2 minute read Are you feeling stressed?  Do you truly, madly, deeply want to feel more calm in your family life or business, but IT’S NOT HAPPENING!?  Anyone can achieve their goals.  You just need to believe.  Sound cliche?  It’s true. I could tell you story after story about how my clients have tranformed from the inside out.  Today I want to touch on something that is crucial for you to implement for you to make a change and...

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Focus: The Cure To Overcome Overwhelm

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 The Cure To Overcome Overwhelm 2 minute read When work and family/friend ‘obligations’ pile up and every job feels equally important, overwhelm can take over.  Overwhelm typically sounds like this:  “I can’t do it all (and everything seems equally important) so I won’t do anything.  On second thought, I’ll start one job and quickly move on to another without finishing the first!  Then, I’ll become...

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Recover From Pain: Learn From Mistakes

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Recover From Pain:  Learn From Mistakes You made a mistake.  Does that mean you need to walk around calling yourself names and reminding yourself over and over how you screwed up?  “I’m a failure.  I never learn.  I’m a screw-up.  I’m so insensitive.  I’m a jerk.  I’m unloveable.  No one really wants to be with me.”  Instead, let’s recover from past hurts and stop beating ourselves up! Imagine walking by your neighbors...

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8 Stress Symptoms Business Owners Shouldn’t Ignore

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8 Stress Symptoms Business Owners Shouldn’t Ignore Do you feel like you need a vacation?  Taking a vacation once, even twice a year just isn’t cutting it anymore?  Stress catching up with you?  There are some stress symptoms that business owners just can’t ignore!  Busy schedules, long work hours and high personal expectations take their toll on your physical and mental health and leave you stripped of energy. Research shows...

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