Amy Englemark is the author of the upcoming book “From Burn-Out to BLISS: The 21 Day Plan To Boost Health, Wealth and Free Time.”  She is a Success and Productivity Coach, Stress Management Consultant, Speaker and creator of The Healthy Wealthy Leader program.

“As a physician and mother, itʼs always been a challenge to balance work, home and self-care, but now I have more tools and ideas to make this easier.  Amy helped me set clear goals to improve my quality of life and it was amazing to experience my improvements.  Though it took real effort!

  • Iʼve changed my thinking patterns from generally negative to generally positive. This has brought me much happiness and has also brought more peace to our household and marriage.
  • I am better at recognizing when I am feeling stressed and need a break and allow myself to have this time.
  • I get more sleep and have enough energy to wake up early to exercise.
  • I am more gentle with myself.

The most powerful thing about Amy as a coach is the fact that she actually lives what she talks about, and the force of that positive example is tremendous.”

Physician, Vancouver Island

A recent graduate, Livia Supplie says, “Amy with her ever so calm and steady voice dished out the topic of the day in a way that you could apply directly and easily to your life.  The biggest thing I took out of my group coaching experience was learning how to step back and reevaluate how and why I act/respond to situations. As a result, I am feeling much calmer in situations that usually got my stress levels up!  Amy is an amazing leader!!

Amy specializes in helping Entrepreneurs, Business and Community Leaders take consistent time off and avoid burn out. She teaches proven strategies to boost health, productivity and income.  To access Amy’s Free Coaching, sign up for her 3 Keys To Create More Free Time TODAY

Topics Amy Speaks On

Are you so dedicated to your work that your free time is nearly non-existent and your health is suffering?  Let me show you how to boost your productivity, free time AND income at the same time!

1)  The Time Freedom Formula

Join Us to Discover:

*The #1 obstacle that’s stopping you from enjoying more Free Time
*My simple plan to avoid burn-out and boost your Productivity AND Income
*Transformational tools that will alleviate stress and kickstart health

2)  The Stress-Less Plan

*Gain unshakeable confidence in yourself
*Find out how to set healthy boundaries and stop people pleasing.
*Access proven techniques to decrease stress, have more Fun AND improve mental focus

3)  5 Health Secrets For Busy People
*Time Saving Strategies that boost energy, fitness and time with your family
*Get access to my proven system – Become the Master of your business, rather than the slave to it
*Create YOUR self-care plan (physical, emotional and mental)
For more information on Amy’s program, The Healthy Wealthy Leader, private coaching or to have Amy speak at your event, call 250-792-0360 or email


“Amy helped me recognize that I am no good for anyone else if I cannot look after me first.  And that it’s ok to do that.  Don’t be a martyr!” Katie Wyker

“In Amy’s workshop I appreciated that I was given time to reflect on my life, identify concepts that need addressing and create a plan to improve the life of our whole family.  Thanks Amy!”

-Daria Davyduke, Family Doctor

“Amy’s workshop was very helpful.  I really learned that I have control over the changes I want to see happen in my life.  Amy provided great tips on everything from stress management to making yourself a priority.”

-Monique Robertson

“This workshop helped me pinpoint the areas in my life that need extra attention and care.  I felt understood and was given new information and tools to achieve my goals – be that in regards to my health, time management and relationships!”

-Rebecca Wood

“This workshop refreshed my mind and validated my need to prioritize my values and commitments.      I also learned of the importance of saying ‘no’ to the things that my heart and mind are not at peace with.”

Bonnie Kirk


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