To Do More, First Slow Down

As a Leader, Parent, Business Person, if you are continually moving at ‘break-neck’ speed you will most likely end up holding yourself back rather than accomplishing more.  There are a few things that you may be doing that could limit your productivity and ability to do more with your time.

Do You Multitask Everything?

If you are trying to do everything at once…Be emailing and catching up on work when you’re at your kids soccer games or in the evening when you’re cooking dinner.  If you’re planning your childs birthday party in your mind while you conduct a business meeting over the phone, most likely you’ll miss something during the call and need to phone back to discuss later.

Do You Rush And React Rather Than Rest And Respond?

Do you find yourself often rushing from one appointment to the next?  Do you take notes in the car on the way so you don’t forget what’s next on your list or who you’ll be meeting? If you do, chances are, when you arrive you won’t feel as prepared as you’d like.  Take 5 minutes before heading to your next appointment or before shifting your focus to the next job at hand and breath.

Think ahead and plan for what’s coming next in your day.  Review what needs to be reviewed.  If you don’t plan ahead and prepare you will be less than productive, more forgetful and stressed.

Try Slowing Down To Speed Up

It sounds backwards but when you slow down, you can speed up in the other areas of your life.  My clients tell me that when they take the time to be present with their kids their behaviour (that of the client AND child) improves.  They feel less distracted and impatient and more compassionate and understanding.

Alot time in your schedule for the unexpected.  This way you won’t feel rushed thinking of your next task that needs your attention.

Even practicing focusing on your breath, the food or drink in your mouth while you’re eating will bring you back to earth!  No one wants to waste precious time, especially when most of us feel we don’t have enough!  Avoid unnecessary troubles like stomach issues, loss of memory and low productivity by implementing these steps…

Focusing on one thing at a time

Take time between tasks to regain focus and plan ahead

Practice being present with the people or activity at hand

Watch how when you ‘switch gears’ in your life you actually get more done!!

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