When our kids were very young I started feeling parent guilt.  When my husband worked away from home I was the main parent who had to set boundaries and train these little ones in the ways they should go.  Not easy work!  What I’ve learned about parenting, being a wife and a business woman is that balance is necessary for sanity!

Say good-bye to the blame game and give yourself lee-way to do these things…

Set Boundaries

I used to feel like the bad cop when I stuck to my guns with the kids.  The truth is they need boundaries.  I’m not a bad mom when I only give them 1,2 or 3 chances (compared to setting no boundaries and ending up feeling like a puddle of emotions on the floor).

Go out on a date

Your kids need healthy parents.  They learn more from who you are than what you say.  Get out.  Have some fun-away from the kids.

Enjoy your work

Accomplishing your priorites feels great!  Getting urgent and valuable work complete (even when your kids are home from school or sometimes on the weekend) doesn’t mean you are a bad parent.  It means you know how to manage your time well.  They won’t die because they don’t have your undivided attention ALL the time.

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