I remember the first time I struggled to be still and relax.  I never thought I would consider “being still” a challenge.  Maybe the rat race has caught up with me.  Maybe our society’s values and culture have impacted me more than I think.

Goodness always comes from challenges.  I’m now aware that rushing all the time, continually filling my time with activity doesn’t make me more successful.  There’s more to life.

I remember the first time I asked a client, “How often do you feel rushed?” and her response was, “When do I not feel rushed?!”  We both had a chuckle and then got down to work, understanding why she felt the need to rush…and what she could do to feel more calm.

I’ve realized how disjointed my relationships (with God, family and friends) become when I don’t take time to be still.  I start feeling unsatisfied, hungry for depth and connection, stressed out, definitely not present!  How about you?  As an entrepreneur, professional, leader, do you notice that your anxiety spikes when you’re always rushing?  Maybe you consider most things in life to be “urgent matter” that all need your attention NOW.  After a while, that kind of thinking can lead to depression and loneliness because work overtakes you and there’s no time for anything else.

Stop and think about it.  You are meant to savour your life.

If you don’t take time to do this for yourself, for your family, you won’t taste the glorious juices that are in your glass for the drinking.

Being present, Slowing down, is an art that I fight for.

By fight I mean, I have to silence certain thoughts and feelings from being my master so that I can choose to create the life and feelings I want to feel daily.

You are the master of your mind and heart.

By reevaluating your priorities and values you can create a new life for yourself.  You can create a life full of time for rest, creativity, fun, family, friends and God (if you so desire).  Do it TODAY!  Don’t wait any longer for the perfect timing.  The opportunity lies waiting for you right now to take it and start changing how you feel daily!


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