4 Steps To Feel Confident Now

When we try to increase our confidence through our relationships or our external world, we will always be disappointed.  Looking for your worth anywhere else but within is a lost cause.  Letting our day to day feelings be determined by others or our successes or losses is a very unstable foundation for building confidence.

Your true nature is fearless, limitless and fully capable of conquering any challenge.  As we grow up we tend to forget this truth.  We start holding ourselves back from pursuing big goals, taking that leap of faith for the one we love, quitting our JOB and starting a business or getting a new set of friends.

No matter who has told you what about yourself, no matter how you feel you’ve messed up, you can feel confident now.

These four steps have helped my clients and I regain control of our thoughts, emotions and actions when we’re feeling low or in a slump.  Take each step and watch your confidence start to soar!

  1.  Take Notice:  Start becoming aware whenever you are seeking validation or approval from others.  When you notice this happening, refrain from judging yourself.  It could be an old habit that helped you in the past but is holding you back from feeling worthy without others consent, now.  Simply repeat in your mind, “I don’t need your approval now.  I got this!”
  2.  Seek Your Ideal Gang:  You know the old adage, “You become like the top 5 people you hang out with.”  Who are your current friends?  Are they confident?  Are they chasing after their dreams no matter what?  Are they committed to their own growth?  These are the friends who will help you learn more about your internal self worth.
  3.   Acknowledge And Grow:  You are amazing!  Make a list of the biggest things you’ve accomplishmented in the past year.  You are not self centered when you give yourself credit.  LOOK at what you’ve accomplished!  It’s pretty big, even if it’s small.  Your accomplishments are a result of your consistent effort, perseverance and commitment.  Good for you.  Now, don’t stop!  Keep learning and growing and as you do, your confidence will continue to grow.
  4.  Do The Scary Thing:  Increasing your confidence is not possible unless you face what scares you.  Believe me, I don’t want to either!  What I’ve found is that once I surrender, decide to stop avoiding and start doing what makes me weak at the knees, I find happiness and gain access to major reserves of confidence!  So what is that scary thing for you?

Remember, you already have it within you to conquer any challenge or move forward in any area of your life.  Don’t let yourself be held back for a minute longer from the life that is begging you to live it!  What step (1,2,3 or 4) really hit home for you and why?  Comment below.  You’ve got this!

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