Self Confidence:  How To Find Yours

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Let’s be honest!  The last few months have been tough for me.  I’ve been working full time, driving kids everywhere, making copious meals, keeping our marriage fun and healthy, making time for exercise and renovating an investment property.  Wheeeewww!

I’m tired.

It’s gotten to me in more ways than one.  The biggest area that got hit was my self confidence and perception of personal worth.  I started feeling like I couldn’t serve more clients than I currently was serving or something would pop!

I noticed my self worth was plummeting (even though I was doing a really good job pretending it wasn’t)!  Why?  If your work load is limited, that must be a sign that your value has diminished because you are serving less people.  Right?


Nothing you do or can’t do will ever change how valuable you are.  You can’t become more valuable or less valuable on Wednesday compared to Sunday.

Remember to be kind to yourself, just like you would treat your best friend.  It’s in times of deep challenges that our inner characters are shaped.

Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?  How can I be more gentle with myself?”

Life will move on.  I need to remember just as much as you do that the condition of my heart is so much more important than the timelines that I feel aren’t being met.

There’s a bigger plan for my life and for your life.

The funny thing is, when our plates are overflowing with responsibilities, we tend to doubt that this “plan” exists because it looks different than the one we had planned.

Remind yourself of how incredible you are, everyday.  Then surrender to the fact that Someone Bigger knows your needs and can take care of them in greater and more mysterious ways than you can imagine.  When you allow yourself to trust and find your value within, nothing has the power to shift that!

What has helped you increase your confidence?  We would love to hear your story below…

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