Burnout Is Brutal:  How To Feel Energetic Again

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A friend and client of mine hit burnout a few months ago.  She took on too much work because she felt overly responsible for everyone else’s problems.  She is extremely empathetic in a beautiful way but this time it caused her to hit a wall, become lethargic and lose her social life!

Have you ever experienced burnout?  Here is the definition.  Burnout:  Feeling drained emotionally, physically and mentally from prolonged stress.  It starts to hit home when you feel exhausted all the time and you stop caring about work or home life, the things that usually matter to you.

If you feel burnt out and you want to feel energetic again, follow these steps:

  1. Start your days off with a peaceful routine.  My client chose to reserve an hour for herself, to feel spiritually connected before checking social media, texts or starting work.
  2. Create a structure for your life that involves exercise.  Choose what would make you feel good and put it in your calendar.  If you can pay ahead for your classes you’ll be more likely to attend them.  A little pressure is good!
  3. Decide what new boundaries you need to put in place.  How much of a work load is too much?  Decide what you will say no to and yes to more of.
  4. Develop a healthy belief about boundaries.  Boundaries aren’t selfish or rude.  Having healthy boundaries ensures healthier relationships if you can believe it!  They also ensure better health and a deeper feeling of happiness due to making decisions that make YOU happy.

How have YOU bounced back from burnout?  Have you ever hit that wall and felt completely drained?  We’d love to hear what you did and how it helped.

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