Increase Your Energy To Keep Up With Anyone

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I first met Steve when I was out on a walk.  My husband and I became close friends with him and his wife as we lived close to one another and had kids of a similar age. I became concerned over the years as I watched him pour so much of his energy into work.  His boundary lines seemed to be getting blurry.  I would drop by and notice his eyes were often tired, threatening to close if he wasn’t careful.  His routine consisted of leaving...

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How Busyness Kills Relationships (and what to do about it)

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There was a time when you spent hours enjoying time with your spouse/partner.  Now it’s different.  The busyness of life may be threatening to kill your relationship.  The spark has fizzled and your time is spent more on business, volunteer activities and children.  Before it gets too out of hand, ask yourself… What will life look like 5 years down the road if I don’t do anything about my relationship?  If you care about...

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Why Are You Rushing?

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I remember the first time I struggled to be still and relax.  I never thought I would consider “being still” a challenge.  Maybe the rat race has caught up with me.  Maybe our society’s values and culture have impacted me more than I think. Goodness always comes from challenges.  I’m now aware that rushing all the time, continually filling my time with activity doesn’t make me more successful.  There’s...

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Feel Parent Guilt

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When our kids were very young I started feeling parent guilt.  When my husband worked away from home I was the main parent who had to set boundaries and train these little ones in the ways they should go.  Not easy work!  What I’ve learned about parenting, being a wife and a business woman is that balance is necessary for sanity! Say good-bye to the blame game and give yourself lee-way to do these things… Set Boundaries I used to...

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To Do More, First Slow Down

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To Do More, First Slow Down As a Leader, Parent, Business Person, if you are continually moving at ‘break-neck’ speed you will most likely end up holding yourself back rather than accomplishing more.  There are a few things that you may be doing that could limit your productivity and ability to do more with your time. Do You Multitask Everything? If you are trying to do everything at once…Be emailing and catching up on work...

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Inject Some Fun Into Life

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I’ve been catching myself smile, laugh and enjoying cracking jokes more often lately.  Want to do more of that?  Are you someone who is very dedicated, focused and perseverant?  I am.  This is a benefit and sometimes it also keeps me from having as much fun as I like to have. I’ve learned that I NEED to prioritize time with my kids and husband, time to exercise, time with girlfriends and time with God–to keep having fun in...

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