You don’t have to accomplish big projects and have the masses applaud your work to feel happy.  You only need a few things in place to feel accomplished and happy this summer.

Let me ask you a question.  When you feel unaccomplished, do you start to feel the internal pressure expanding?  Usually pressure (due to lack of seen results) leads to feeling mildly to extremely frustrated and even sad/depressed.  This can spiral into self hatred and mental self bullying.

You don’t have to stay in that place, feeling stuck, hopeless and unaccomplished.  Let me show you ways that work for myself and my clients to get more done (feel accomplished) and feel happy!

First.  You’ll need to ditch procrastination.  Sure.  Facebook, Instagram and Netflix are calling you, but that candy needs to be put back in the duff drawer so you can focus!!  Use good boundary setting skills and decide when, where and who will help you get down to work.

Second.  If you focus on everything that’s not getting done, you’ll feel less accomplished.  You don’t want that so stop it!!  Have you ever experienced this phenomenom?  You’re pregnant and you start to notice all the other pregnant women or families walking around.  You break your leg, feel crappy and start to notice everyone else wearing a cast.  Focus on (and keep a list) of what you accomplish daily.  This will be your “done” list.

Third.  Do you only allow yourself to feel happy when you’re making great leaps of progress or can you take small consistent steps and feel great?  The rules you set for yourself determine your level of happiness.  You actually give yourself permission or hold yourself back from feeling accomplished.  No one else has the power to do this but you.

So how do you create a more flexible or realistic rule to support your progress?  Ask yourself, “What needs to happen today to make me feel happy and accomplished?”  Don’t think about this week.  Just today.  Can you break up your project so it feels more manageable?  Can you ask others to help you out with other tasks so you can focus and increase productivity?  Can you deny yourself of a few little luxuries just for now so you can accomplish bigger goals?

Feeling accomplished and happy is all about perception.  If you spend more time procrastinating rather than prioritizing, you’re in fact trying to fool yourself into believing your comfort zone will make you more happy than your acccomplished zone.  Your perception impacts your reality.  Keep your focus on all that is being accomplished and all the reasons you have to be happy.

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