Simple Yet Surprising Ways To Take Action When You’re Overwhelmed

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Overwhelm has hit me right in the gut, especially before I’m about to make big decisions.  Sometimes it hits me when I have too much on my plate and feel like there’s no time for things of value.  If you’ve ever experienced overwhelm, it can sound like this, “You won’t be able to handle this.  You don’t have the experience or training to take this on.  This is too big a dream, project or task so...

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How Busyness Kills Relationships (and what to do about it)

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There was a time when you spent hours enjoying time with your spouse/partner.  Now it’s different.  The busyness of life may be threatening to kill your relationship.  The spark has fizzled and your time is spent more on business, volunteer activities and children.  Before it gets too out of hand, ask yourself… What will life look like 5 years down the road if I don’t do anything about my relationship?  If you care about...

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Stop Thinking About Work!

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It’s a challenge to stop thinking about work if you aren’t in the habit of “unplugging.”  Like anything, the more you practice, the better you get.  Let me tell you a secret.  If you want to stop obsessively thinking about work, you need to use boundaries and I’m going to show you how. As entrepreneurs and leaders we can let harmful beliefs limit us.  It’s easy to believe that if you take a break,...

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Self Confidence: How To Find Yours

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Self Confidence:  How To Find Yours 2 minute read Let’s be honest!  The last few months have been tough for me.  I’ve been working full time, driving kids everywhere, making copious meals, keeping our marriage fun and healthy, making time for exercise and renovating an investment property.  Wheeeewww! I’m tired. It’s gotten to me in more ways than one.  The biggest area that got hit was my self confidence and...

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Focus: The Cure To Overcome Overwhelm

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 The Cure To Overcome Overwhelm 2 minute read When work and family/friend ‘obligations’ pile up and every job feels equally important, overwhelm can take over.  Overwhelm typically sounds like this:  “I can’t do it all (and everything seems equally important) so I won’t do anything.  On second thought, I’ll start one job and quickly move on to another without finishing the first!  Then, I’ll become...

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Say “Yes” To Exercise By Beating These Top Excuses

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Say “Yes” To Exercise By Beating These Top Excuses 3 minute read You’ve created a healthy routine (that you’re proud of) and you don’t want to see your progress go to waste.  Maybe you’ve never been interested but you want to feel energetic and focused like your healthy friends.  Below I’ve listed the Top Excuses that keep you from the health you want.  You’ll also find out how to beat them to...

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